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Souqbox Case Study

Souqbox is a digital platform for B2B marketplaces. They aim to be help businesses who may not currently manage an online presence have the capability to quickly and efficiently launch a fully branded 3rd party B2B marketplace.


  • No single window platform to carry out risk assessment for travellers traveling to hostile zones
  • To contact access In-Country assistance info
  • To source high-risk safety advisors


  • Web based Software as a Service platform
  • Organisations can subscribe to the software and enjoy access to risk assessment solution, in-country assistance, safety advisors
  • Integrated to travel advisories
  • Dashboard & Reporting capability
  • Roles based access management


  • Client Side – HTML, CSS, Angular
  • Backend – Node, Express
  • DB – Mongo DB
  • Hosted on AWS
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For the last 12 months, we have worked with Siroi Solutions to develop enterprise-grade services. Throughout this period, we have found Siroi to have a positive can-do attitude and first class technical capability. They are customer-centric and responsive to client demands when they come up.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

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Campbell Murray
Founder, SouqBox