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About Us

Siroi was created in early 2014 out of sheer frustration with poor IT services available in KL. Since formation in, been helping businesses digitize their operations, reduce overheads, go to market faster, and replace legacy system with our tailored services and solutions. We have also been helping entrepreneurs design and build products to transform their ideas to successful businesses. We have rescued troubled IT projects for some of our clients. Helped recover valuable data from old, legacy, end of life and out of support systems.

A diverse team of Solutions Architects, Project Managers, business analysts, UX-UI Designers, Software Developers, Testers, Dev-Ops, BD, admin and accounts staff from 11 countries based in KL and 2 development partners based in India. We do not have 100s of customers yet. We have just about 10+ but we take super good care of them and they are happy with us. CSG International, Parkson Group, Sunway Group, Zilzar Tech, Digistar, Souqbox, Finterra, QI group to name a few. We have screwed up in the past and pretty sure will screw up again, like everyone else. But we are not ashamed of admitting them. We would own up but would never give up. We see to it that value is eventually delivered.

Our Vision

We will be a conscious, well-respected organization that delivers value to all stakeholders; shareholders, customers, employee, partners. We will be an organization that thrives on diversity and one that impacts lives in a positive way.

Our Mission

Help businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals with flexible services and well-designed software solutions adopting the right technology.

Industries We Have Worked With

Our solutions and services are supported by deep insight into the industries from supporting our clients as partners in their business transformation in the past few years. We have acquired and accumulated the best practices, markets and environment in wide range of industries and provide the optimum services through their extensive experience.

Risk Management
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Multi Level Marketing

Why Should You Work With Siroi Solutions?

Business Meeting

Obsessed with WHY

Because we are obsessed with “Why” and not on just the “What” and the “How”. Questions are the best way to gain deeper insights on problems. Deeper insights are key to find the best and innovative solutions.

Focus on Business Outcome

Because we are serious about delivering business outcome rather than merely finishing a Project. We are not interested in just finishing a project and getting paid. We want to get paid for helping you meet your business goals and for solving your problems.

ROI Driven

Because we are genuinely concerned of your investments and will provide honest feedback and ask tough questions to ensure you get the ROI you are looking for. Because we never give up. As a young start-up, we face tons of challenges on a daily basis but we have never given up and never will.

Easy to work with

Because we are super easy to work with. We know it is not enough to deliver good solutions but the experience of working with us has to be enjoyable and memorable. It is extremely important to us that we give our employees, customers and partners a great Siroi experience.